Many seniors, and even those over 50, would like to keep working but have difficulty in seeking out the opportunities that are available. Estimates indicate that there are over 150,000 New Zealanders over 50 seeking work. Seniors have a store of talent, skills and experience to draw on and add real value to businesses.

Seniors@work is a job site established by a fellow Senior to cater mainly for seniors who are looking for work. It offers a service to connect employers with that pool of talented, skilled and experienced people.

All opportunities posted on Seniors@work have been flagged by employers as suitable for workers over 50.

To get the most benefit from this site, it is recommended that you: Register on the web site; create an online profile including your CV; and sign up for email alerts and tick the boxes for as many skills as you have to offer. There is no cost for any of this.

There is a walk through step-by-step, friendly guide for how to get started.

Go to:

Some seniors who would like to continue working choose to care for others or volunteer their services rather than seek paid employment. Age Concern Wellington Region runs several programmes using volunteers and would be interested to hear from you.


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