Legacy Giving

A bequest to Age Concern Wellington Region allows you to leave a lasting legacy and continue to assist those who need it most, long after you’re gone. It is the ultimate act of kindness and caring you can show towards your community.

Age Concern Wellington Region is a charity and relies on the generosity of our community to raise much of the funding required to deliver our essential services and support. Any bequest left to us, no matter how small or large, has a lasting impact and helps ensure that we can continue supporting some of the most vulnerable people aged over 65 across the Wellington Region. This includes crucial services that mitigate the negative impacts of loneliness and social isolation. Leaving a bequest is easy. After taking care of your loved ones, the simplest way to leave a gift in your will to Age Concern Wellington Region is to speak with your solicitor. They can ensure your estate is distributed in a way that honours your wishes. If you don’t have a solicitor or professional Trustee company, the New Zealand Law Society website can provide direction.

Bequests can be made in several ways, depending on your wishes and circumstances:

  • Residual – a gift from the remainder of your estate, once your loved ones have been provided for and any taxes and charges settled.
  • Percentage – a gift of a specified percentage of your estate.
  • Specific – a specified amount of money, item of property or stocks and shares.
  • Combination – a mixture of any of the above.

To leave a bequest to Age Concern Wellington Region, we recommend this wording: “I give Age Concern Wellington Region the sum of $XXX (or the residue of my estate, or a percentage of my estate) for its general purposes. I declare that the official receipt of Age Concern Wellington Region will be sufficient receipt and discharge for my trustees.”

If you would like to leave us a bequest in your will, these are the official details you will need:

Legal Charity Name:
Age Concern Wellington Region Trust

If you would like to talk to us further about leaving a bequest to Age Concern Wellington Region please contact the CEO on 04 499 6646 or click here to email us.