Companion Walking Service

Would you like to go out more but find it difficult to go out on your own? If you’d like to go for a walk in your community, to the park, local café or shops, then we can help.

For more information or to refer someone to this service, please call 04 499 6654 or fill in the Referral Form.

Our carefully chosen and trained volunteer walking companions are keen to support you. We will match you with a local companion with similar interests so that you can enjoy a walk together. You can discuss where you’d like to go on each outing. Your companion may also have some new ideas for you, including wet weather options.

One of our clients recently said: “I am very pleased to have a companion to walk with otherwise I couldn’t get out. It has relieved my backache as I sit in a chair all the time. I feel my mood has lifted from walking in the park and enjoying nature. I now look forward to my weekly walks and feeling more confident that I will walk soon on my own.”

Join Grace and Muriel for a stroll…

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise and has been shown to have many benefits:
  • it improves joint mobility, muscle strength, circulation and bone density.
  • it can improve mental wellbeing, relieving stress and improving memory
  • it can help you sleep better and boost energy.
Walking in nature has been shown to be particularly beneficial, and we are fortunate in Wellington to have many beautiful parks to enjoy. Our clients request a Walking Companion for many reasons:
  • They may be recovering from an operation and need help with building up confidence.
  • They may have a medical condition which makes them feel unstable walking alone and need ongoing support.
  • They might want to explore their local community but be worried about finding their way home again.
  • And someone people would just like someone to talk to.
Walking with a Companion can give you confidence and open up opportunities to participate in future walks and community activities. Your Volunteer Walking Companion will have received full training and have passed police vetting. We hope you will develop a rapport with your volunteer and look forward to regular outings. If you are interested and would like more information please contact Lynn Crossland – call 04 499 6646 or email  Find out about becoming a Volunteer. Find out about becoming a Sponsor. If you would like more information contact us or call Lynn 04 499 6646