Staying Safe Refresher Driving Course

Staying Safe is a classroom-based refresher workshop for senior road users. Age Concern runs these workshops in partnership with Waka Kotahi (NZTA).

The workshop aims to maintain and improve safe driving practices and increase the knowledge of other transport options available to help senior road users remain safely mobile.

The free interactive workshop runs for around 4 hours, with morning tea and a light lunch provided. Spaces at each workshop are limited so please register using the form below.

  • 15th May – Seatoun Village Hall, 22 Forres St, Seatoun
  • 22nd May – Fergusson Retirement Village, 8 Ward Street, Trentham
  • 23rd May – Karori Community Centre, 7 Beauchamp St, Karori
  • 30th May – Tawa Community Centre, 5 Cambridge St, Tawa
  • 12th June – Khandallah Community Centre, 11 Ganges Road, Khandallah

TO REGISTER, click on your chosen course date below and fill in the form.

 About the Course

  • Had your licence for decades but never refreshed your Road Code knowledge?
  • Feeling unsettled because you have a medical coming up to renew your licence?
  • Curious about what all the changes to road layouts and new signs mean?

Come to our FREE classroom-based driving refresher. All drivers over 60 are welcome.

During the course participants will re-familiarise themselves with traffic rules and safe driving practices.  The course will increase their knowledge about other transport options available to help keep them mobile for as long as possible, whether behind the wheel or when they stop driving.

The aim of the Staying Safe programme is to provide evidence-based education to help older drivers and road users:

  • Increase their knowledge about driving and ageing
  • Assess their current driving behaviour
  • Adapt their driving behaviour
  • Build an appropriate level of confidence on the roads (without instilling false or over confidence)
  • Build their awareness of alternatives to driving so they can maintain their independence when they reduce or cease driving

The Staying Safe curriculum consists of learning modules grouped in four themes:

Keeping safe: thinking about driving safety
Aim: To build participants’ confidence and commitment to driving safely

  • Assessing driving safety
  • Statistics about older road users
  • How ageing affects driving safely
  • Being responsible for driving safety

Being safe: driving skills
Aim: To build participants’ knowledge of safe driving skills and commitment to using them

  • The six key factors affecting driving
  • The safe driving rules
  • Driving analysis and decision making
  • Route planning

Safe journeys: managing road situations
Aim: To build participants’ knowledge and confidence in managing common road situations

  • Give way rules and intersections
  • Traffic lights and roundabouts
  • Motorways and open road driving
  • Other road situations and rules

Keep moving safely: safe alternatives to driving
Aim: To build participants’ knowledge and confidence in other safe transport options

  • Safe alternatives to driving
  • Walking safely
  • Cycling safely
  • Using a mobility scooter safely

You can find more information for senior drivers including a self-assessment quiz on the NZTA website.

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