Police Vetting at Age Concern Wellington Region

It is our policy to Police Check all staff and volunteers working with Age Concern Wellington Region. This is because we work with vulnerable adults and we want to ensure they are safe when participating in our services.

If you apply to be a volunteer or are offered a job with us, you will be required to submit a Police Check form. We are an Approved Agency with the Police vetting service. The Police vetting service will check your criminal history and other relevant information such as traffic infringements. They will present us with a report of the outcome of their search.

This process can take many weeks, so we ask for your patience in this process. You cannot start working or volunteering with us until your Police Check has been returned and you are cleared by Age Concern Wellington Region management. A ‘Result’ on your Police Check does not necessarily mean you cannot work or volunteer with us. If there is a result, the CEO will determine whether you are able to volunteer or work for Age Concern Wellington Region.

You are entitled to see the results of your Police Check. If you wish to do so, please contact us. If your Police Check returns a result, you can  correct any information or provide an explanation, if you chose to do so. However the final decision on whether you can volunteer or work for us remains with the CEO.

We will keep your Police Check for 12 months after the completion of the checking process, after which time we will destroy it (this is law). If you stop volunteering or working for us, then wish to start again later, you will need to undergo the process again.

If you have any questions on this process, please contact us. Or, visit this website to find out more about the Police vetting system: https://www.police.govt.nz/advice-services/businesses-and-organisations/vetting