Accredited Visitor Service

Our Accredited Visitor Service (AVS) provides companionship to people over 65 who are lonely and would like a regular visit from a friendly volunteer. We aim to match people with volunteers who live in the same area and have similar interests.

Our volunteers visit for about an hour each week. They are keen to spend time with an older person and tell us that they enjoy their visits and that they benefit and learn from the experience. Most visits will be a chance for a chat but some people enjoy doing an activity together such as a puzzle or crossword.

If you decide that you would like a visitor, your local AVS coordinator will come to see you at home, to get to know you and find out about your interests. They’ll then match you with a carefully chosen, trained volunteer who will visit you for about an hour each week. 

We will keep in touch with you and your visitor to make sure you’re both enjoying your visits. If there’s ever a problem, we’ll work with you to put it right.

If you’re feeling lonely or if you know someone who would like a visitor then contact us and one of our AVS Coordinators will be in touch.