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Staying Safe in the Home

Life can be hazardous no matter what your age, but the consequences of accidents or mishaps can be a little more serious as you get older. Even so there are some precautionary measures you can take to avoid some of life’s pitfalls, and other tips and tricks to keep you moving safely.

Age Concern has designed a workshop to help seniors reduce falls in the home through hazard identification and to make homes more secure. We will cover topics such as how to prevent slips and falls in the home, navigating stairs, bathroom safety and how to reduce hazards such as tripping and slipping. There will also be information on home security, fire and emergency.

Please call 04 499 6645 for more information, workshop dates and locations, and to register.

When & Where:

  • Tuesday 25th May – Vogelmorn Community Centre
  • Tuesday 6th July – Seatoun Village Hall

Please call 04 499 6648 for more information, times, and to register.

Staying Safe workshops for senior drivers

Staying Safe is a classroom-based refresher workshop for senior road users. The workshop aims to maintain and improve safe driving practices and increase the knowledge of other transport options available to help senior road users remain safely mobile.

Join us for this free workshop. Contact us for the next workshop dates.

You can more information for senior drivers including a self-assessment quiz on the NZTA website.

To reserve your space now, fill in the form on the right. Or you can contact us.

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Staying Safe Driving Course

Monthly Pop-Up Hubs around Wellington

Join us for a cup of tea and a light lunch at our monthly pop-up hubs!

Our pop-up hubs are free monthly social events for over 65s around the Wellington Region.

For the next pop-up hubs dates in Seatoun, Tawa and Voglemorn, please call Kirsten on 04 499 6645.

There’s no need to register, just turn up and enjoy!

City Gallery Tour

In collaboration with Wellington City Gallery and Nikau Café, Age Concern Wellington Region is happy to offer a guided tour of the exhibitions, followed by afternoon tea in the café.

The gallery is accessible and has lifts, and a wheelchair may be available upon request. The sessions are limited to 12 participants per time – please call Kirsten on  04 499 6645 or email to reserve your space.

  • Thursday, 15th July 2021, 1.30pm

Sleep: A Pillar of Healthy Ageing 

We spend about a third of our lives asleep, by the time we’re 65 that’s about 22 years.

But the importance of sleep is largely overlooked when it comes
to wellbeing. In older adulthood, sleep can become more disturbed.
This can affect how we feel and function plus impact our physical and
mental health.

Dr Rosie Gibson is a Researcher at the Sleep/Wake Research Centre
(Massey University) where she studies sleep changes with ageing and
its relationship to health and wellbeing.

When: 8th July, 1.30pm

Where: Island Bay Community Centre

Please call 04 499 6648 for more information and to register.

For more information on sleep, please read Rosie’s blog by clicking here, or view Dr Gibson’s online sleep presentation here.

Tea & Tech

Baffled by technology?

Want to learn how to do Internet banking?

Need to connect with the Grand-kids on WhatsApp?

Come to our free Tea & Tech workshop, held in partnership with ANZ. Bring your digital device and get help from some friendly volunteers.

Come to Tea & Tech if you need help with:

  • Getting connected with friends and family online (WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.)
  • Doing online banking (any bank, not just ANZ)
  • How to watch TV on the Internet
  • Doing your grocery shopping online
  • Using email and visiting websites

Please call us for the next scheduled workshop dates.

04 499 6648 or email to register.