Retirement Villages, Rest Homes, Residential Care Facilities

Rest homes and residential care facilities are becoming more prominent in New Zealand’s healthcare system, with residential accommodation and varying degrees of care and support for older people and those with disabilities.

While they can be the right choice for some seniors, they can sometimes be expensive and have terms and conditions that can be a little complicated or confusing.

MoneyHub has provided a free guide which aims to demystify the process and provide information and advice to help make informed decisions. It offers an in-depth look at the different types of rest homes and residential care facilities available, their benefits, and the financing options to help cover care costs. The author concludes with the remark: “It’s important to consider all the options and get advice from family, healthcare professionals, and social services before making a decision.” This guide will assist.

The Guide can be seen HERE

Eldernet’s website has a comprehensive list of retirement villages in New Zealand, and much more useful information. Click here for details.

The Retirement Village Association of New Zealand’s website also has useful information. Click here for more information.

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