Keep flies out this summer

New Zealand is home to 3000 native fly species in addition to several introduced species. Most are harmless and many are beneficial, acting as important pollinators.

Consumer NZ suggests it is better to keep flies out rather than use non-specific insect sprays which can kill some insects that are beneficial.

The flies that cause us the most irritation are house flies, lesser house flies and blow flies. All these fly species can spread disease as the bristles on their legs pick up germs and distribute them wherever they land.

Sprays are not recommended as “The spray doesn’t know which one is harmful and which is not. It is also not very good for you. We need to target the harmful flies, and not kill the good ones. So, it’s best to prevent them coming in.”

They suggest four ways of keeping flies out:

  1. Keep food covered and wipe down surfaces where food is stored, used or eaten – daily.
  2. Ensure your rubbish is sealed and your bin is clean.
  3. Plant herbs and flowers that repel flies, in and around your home.
  4. Set traps to repel or kill flies.

For more information from Consumer NZ on each of these suggestions,  CLICK HERE

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