Welcome Steph Deegan – Communications and Fundraising Assistant

Steph joined our Communications and Events Team in August 2023.

Married with two children and a proud Wellingtonian, Steph is a self-confessed ‘jack of all trades’. She spent 8 years working and travelling overseas. As well as her years in hospitality she has worked in health and wellbeing, counselling and working with physically disabled members of our community. Steph’s background includes experience in event coordination and fundraising, and she’s a great communicator and an enthusiastic problem-solver.

Steph is passionate about finding a good balance in life and will get excited to chat about how taking care of all aspects of our wellbeing affects the quality of life we experience.

Whilst she has settled in Wellington, she’s not a fan of the wind – but the benefits of being close to extended family outweigh the annoying wind.

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