Welcome Mallory, Social Work Intern

At Age Concern, we enjoy hosting and mentoring interns to give them work experience. Mallory Glasse, a Social Work student, began working with us recently for four months as part of her training.

Mallory has completed four years of her Social Work course at the Open Polytechnic, which has all been done by distance learning with only occasional sessions which involve meeting others in her class. Once she has successfully completed her internship, she will qualify as a Registered Social Worker.

She has always thought her future role would be in the field of social work as she is passionate about creating equal opportunities for children and families.

There are ample opportunities for social workers in New Zealand especially in the fields of child protection and youth justice, which is where Mallory hopes to find her niche. However, she is realistic enough to recognise the need to build her skills before moving into those roles.

She will be working on a part-time basis for four days a week, starting with a few days in our Wellington Office to understand our policies and procedures before spending time in the “field” with our coordinators.

She lives in Johnsonville and also works at Onslow College as a teacher aide. Home is close to some beautiful walking tracks which Mallory enjoys as they take her out of the urban environment into the bush and some farmland.

Welcome to the team, Mallory.

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