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Home Invasion – Keeping Yourself Safe at Home

Though rare, home invasions unfortunately do happen from time to time. A recent incident in Karori occurred when the house occupant opened his front door and three masked people charged in, stole from him, and hurt the man. There’s no need to be afraid, but there are a few steps you can take to protect

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Older People – Valuable Contributors in Families

We hear a lot about families caring (or not caring) for their older members. What should their responsibilities be? Do some cultures do it better than others? This is an important topic and important questions, but they concern only one aspect of the part which older people play in families. They are not just “receivers”;

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The Changing Shape of Families

The ageing of New Zealand society is a well-recognised fact. By 2031, not much more than ten years away, Statistics New Zealand predict that people aged 65 plus will represent one-fifth of the population.   We have heard a lot about what this will mean for income support, care and specialised housing. We hear less

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