Social Work Intern – Mallory Glasse

At Age Concern Wellington Region, we have been fortunate to have Mallory Glasse working with us as a Social Work intern for the past four months.
Mallory has successfully completed not only her internship with us, but after 4 years of study, her Bachelor of Social Work from Open Polytechnic. We congratulate her on this momentous occasion.

When asked why Mallory chose Social Work she responded “I chose to study social work because I want to empower people, create social justice, and because the principles and values of social work connect with my own values. I feel that social work allows me to connect with, and mentor individuals, families, and communities to create positive differences.”
Mallory has been a great help in our work and has contributed to the team immensely, especially to our Social Connection Coordinator, Kirsten, who took Mallory under her wing in a mentor role. We know many of our volunteers and seniors will miss seeing her as part of our team here at Anvil House. For those of you who met Mallory in her time with us, she had a little-known secret – she is a twin, the older one, and that’s important to note!

On our recent training day launching Te Tiro Bicultural Competency Training, we happened across a prestigious slide on Mallory’s wish list. Not wanting to miss an opportunity she launched herself with her ever-present smile down said slide you may recognize in the photo.
This picture personifies Mallory’s enthusiasm, energetic and emphatic approach to her work here at Age Concern and we know she has so much to offer her chosen field in the future.

Congratulations Mallory – Ka Rawe

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