Age Concern Accredited Visiting Service

Keeping in touch with the older person in your community avoids loneliness!

Can you give one hour a week to visit a lonely older person?

Not everybody has somebody!

Can you make a real difference in the life of an older person?

Are you prepared to help someone in your community?

By becoming a volunteer visitor you are contributing to your community. Don’t hesitate, contact us now.

Melva Howard is our AVS (Accredited Visiting Service Coordinator) Upper Hutt & Hutt Valley / Wellington Region

Melva is passionate about caring and enhancing the wellbeing and quality of life of older persons in the community. She does this through visits to their residence and then matching volunteer visitors offering friendship and companionship and encouraging appropriate participation in community activities.

Community Support Services

The Community Support Services Co-ordinator is the hub of the Age Concern Wellington office. Enquiries on all manner of subjects are answered and referrals made to our own service co-ordinators or other agencies. Links are established and maintained with other social service providers in the area to ensure we stay up to date with the issues facing our seniors and the steps being taken to deal with issues.

If you have a question or a referral contact us.

Safe with Age Driving Courses – Staying Safe

Staying Safe is a workshop for older people who want to keep driving safely for as long as possible.

The classroom based course provides older drivers with knowledge of the Road Code, ideas to assist drivers with how to compensate for slower reaction time, ways to navigate routes, and other tips to help to prevent accidents.

Senior drivers who participate in the workshops will have a greater awareness of safe driving practice. They will have also improved their knowledge of the road rules and learnt techniques to enable them to compensate for the effects of ageing.

For more information contact us.