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Save on Power Bills

As if increased grocery prices were not enough, the daily fixed charge levied by power companies for consumers on a Low Fixed Charge plan is also going up in stages over the next few years. The increase is aimed at covering the costs of having access to a power supply in your house.

Consumer NZ has provided some advice on changes you can make around your home to mitigate some of the effects of these increases. There are 13 different suggestions ranging from prioritising ceiling insulation to installing heat pumps and or dehumidifiers.

But less expensive options are also listed such as drawing the curtains (floor length for preference) blinds, using draught stoppers, or even installing a shower head to control the flow of water or perhaps a shower dome. They also advocate for comparing power companies using to help you decide on the best deal for you on power.

The full article with all thirteen suggestions for saving on power, plus a story about how one consumer halved her monthly power bill, is available on their web site. CLICK HERE

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