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Managing pesky surcharges on card transactions

Our banks are not averse to charging us for their services. There used to be fees on cheques and now there are surcharges if you pay by credit card or by paywave. The irony is that if you are using exactly the same machine if you pay by inserting your card and tapping in the security number. In these circumstances it’s good to know your rights and options when it comes to paying surcharges.

According to the Commerce Commission, if you do choose a payment method that will incur a surcharge, you must be informed before you pay and be made aware of cheaper ways to pay where available.

The Commission expects sellers to offer at least one payment method that does not incur a surcharge – in many situations that will be by you inserting or swiping your debit or Eftpos card which has always been free. If you’re paying online, the Commission encourage sellers to provide an opportunity to pay via internet banking where feasible.

If you want to understand more about surcharging and how to manage your options, the following link to the Commission’s website may be helpful.


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