Karori Karnival

On Sunday 16th February 2020, some of the Age Concern Staff and volunteers attended the Karori Karnival.

The fun started in putting up the Marquee; thankfully Lynn’s husband was on hand to nip home and get extra weights to hold down the marquee. Then there was putting up the balloons! A great time was had by all meeting many locals, and answering enquiries about several of our services. We had people asking about the walking service for their parents, a local stay at home dad has volunteered to become a walking companion and we received some kind donations.

The quiz was a great draw. See if you can answer our quiz questions:

  1. Does Age Concern have a Visitor Service and Walking Companion Service?
  2. What does SAY GO stand for?
  3. Age Concern provide services for over 45 or 65?

Well done to Shelly from Karori who won the $75 meal voucher, and thanks to Wellington Hospitality Group for their donation!

A big thank you to the volunteers who were able to come and help out. Your time was very much appreciated.

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