How to Safely Install Mobile Apps

Welcome to all, my name is Roy and I have been working in the computer world for many years. I have been asked to put together a brief introduction to installing applications (Apps) on your phone or tablet.

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In these hugely different and difficult times, carrying out day to day tasks without being able to physically go to places like the bank, GP, supermarket etc, can cause distress. However – there are many ways to carry out your daily tasks using a mobile phone or tablet.

These tasks include:

  • Checking your bank account
  • Paying accounts to businesses or people
  • Checking your email
  • Contacting your GP – making appointments, repeat prescriptions, asking questions
  • Buying groceries

All the above tasks have apps that are available to install on your mobile phone or tablet and will allow you to do everything (well almost everything) that you need to do – from home.

Firstly – always ensure that you have a PIN, gesture (swipe) or fingerprint / face scan setup to access your mobile device (sometimes called a Lock Screen). This is the easiest way to ensure no other person can access your mobile device without your OK. This is very important if you have apps installed that allow you to do online banking or purchasing of goods.
If you Google “security” plus the model or your phone, IE “security Samsung A50”, in a web page, you will find easy instructions on how to set this up for your particular device.

It is important that you only install apps from either the Apple App store or Google Play Store – do not install apps from other places unless you are aware of how to do this safely.

If you have already setup access to either Apple App Store or Google Play for your device, you can skip the next section

You will need to have an account with either the Apple App Store (for iPhones etc) or Google Play (for most other devices -Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola).
For the Apple App Store in a web browser go to

Click on the Bag icon on the right-hand side of the top tool bar and select Sign-In. On the next page click on Don’t have an Apple ID? Create one now.   Fill out the questions on the next page – don’t forget to record your new Apple ID and password ( I recommend using a password manager for this – another how to perhaps ?)
Once you have created your new ID and password go to again and select Bag -> Sign In to test that the ID is working

For Google Play –  go to, in the top right corner click on Sign In, then on the next page click on “Create Account”  –  then – “for myself” Fill out the questions on the page and click next. (As this is a ID most names have been already used – you will need to use a unique name for your Username such as your last name plus your birthyear – e.g. “somebody1963”)
Once you have created the ID, login to check that it is working OK by logging in to Google Play Store.

Once you have your ID and password setup it is a simple task to install the app you need. For example, all banks in New Zealand (that I am aware of) have an online banking app. These are very secure providing you follow the steps suggested by each bank.
The best way to install the app required is to go to your bank’s website on your phone or tablet, select mobile or online banking, and look for their Mobile App. This will usually be a link to either the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. Click on the download button for the store you need and follow the on-screen instructions to install on your device. In some cases you will need to contact your banks support desk to have them authorise this. From this banking app you can check balances, pay people (if you have their bank account details), change some details, etc

For on-line shopping, Countdown have a full app for shopping online and delivery, New World has launched one recently and are working on a few issues. Pak”nSave don’t have an app that I can find, but do have a Click & Collect function via a normal web browser.

To manage your GP appointments, repeat prescriptions etc, check with your GP that they use ManageMyHealth and sign up with them. This can take a few days to become active. Once your account is active, and they have given you your new ID and password, on your mobile device go to, scroll down and click on either the Google Play or App Store buttons. This will take you to the relevant store where you will need to sign in with your ID and download the ManageMyHealth app and install it on your device. When installed click on the app on the device and enter your ID and password. Once logged in you can do many things such as book appointments, check blood tests, repeat prescriptions.

For Email I use an app called BlueMail which I have used for some time and find exceptionally reliable. Setting up email apps can be quite confusing, so maybe we will deal with this another time.

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