Grief and Loss

Age Concern Wellington recently collaborated with Skylight to offer our volunteers a Grief and Loss talk. The presentation was full of useful information, which is summarised here:

The mix of thoughts, feelings and reactions we experience when we’re faced with any kind of difficult change or loss is called grief. It is a natural human process that helps to adjust to a new reality. Each individual will respond in their own unique way. There are no right or wrong ways to experience grief, and there should be no shame. Whatever has triggered the reaction of grief should be respected and paid attention to, so that you can process it and heal.

  • Give yourself time
  • Use your unique strengths, capabilities and resources
  • Find your happy place
  • Stay connected

Skylight has much more complete information and many resources that may help you or someone you know in times of grief. They can be reached at:

(04) 939 6767 / 0800 299 100

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