A Cautionary Tale – lock the doors when you are in the garden

I love to pop out into the garden and do as much as I can while the weather’s nice. And because I always think I won’t be long, I wasn’t in the habit of locking the back door. But you know how it is in the garden, one task always leads to another!

So on this occasion I went back inside after about an hour, and there in the middle of the kitchen floor was a colourful gift bag with a birthday present inside. What a treat to come in to.

Then I had a bit of a think. I had not heard my friend knocking on the door and calling out, and she had kindly popped it inside for me. But suppose it had been someone who had been intent on getting inside and stealing things? I wouldn’t have heard a thing!

Now I lock the door and put the key in my pocket. Yes, it is a bit of a nuisance fumbling for the key if I want to go in and out of the house. But having a burglary would be more than a nuisance, it would be a major inconvenience.

So my advice now is, lock the doors when you are out of the house to keep you and your property safe. And always take your phone with you in case you need to call for help.

EAN Co ordinator

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