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Grief and Loss

Age Concern Wellington recently collaborated with Skylight to offer our volunteers a Grief and Loss talk. The presentation was full of useful information, which is summarised here: The mix of thoughts, feelings and reactions we experience when we’re faced with any kind of difficult change or loss is called grief. It is a natural human

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Sleep and Healthy Ageing

Sleep is a basic human right. We all do it, and by the time we’re 65 we will have slept approximately 22 years! But as we get older sleep typically becomes lighter and more fragmented. Many also experience early morning awakenings and increase in daytime sleepiness or napping. This has been related our changing physiology

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Age Concern Wellington Spins

Age Concern Wellington staff recently joined many of you for a one hour hands-on Spin Poi workshop. The session was led by poi and health exponent Dr. Kate Riegle van West. Poi is said to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. We attempted poi moves which challenged our bodies and minds, learned about Poi for

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